Managing Message

After 23 years of continuous activity in the field of training, the best message might be repeating the precious sentences of professors in the field of management science and considering such messages, it could provide us with change and improvement in our line of work continuously renovated; trust; vehicle; promoting the level of technical skills;
  • • Knowing one's natural capabilities is the first provision for success.
  • • Management philosophy must be invariable; however, methods and plans must be.
  • • Management is only powerful when he relies on two fundamentals such as honesty and
  • • Spirit of humility is the fundamental of management philosophy;
  • • Religion and economic activities are considered as two wheels of human civilization
  • • The working place is a training center for development of individual ethics as well as.
  • • We must accept that we are responsible for our mistakes and failures.
  • • Knowing their merits, employees will be pleased to it.

Best Regards
Ali Yavari
Managing Director

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