Designing and Holding "Seminars for International Capital Market" as well as Visiting from International Stock Exchanges.

Designing and executing tens of specialized seminars called "International Capital Market" by cooperation of global stock exchanges in this line, it could succeed to dispatch more than 60 specialized board comprising from superior managements of national capital market around the world; and participants in any seminar, while visiting from main financial institutes and stock exchanges of the target nations, by participating in the training sessions, could be informed from the state of art technologies and new experiences in the capital market.

Since 2009, aiming to promote the quality of plans and meeting the needs of national capital market, these conferences are held by cooperation with Securities and Exchange Brokers Association.

List of some exchanges visited yet:


- Deutsche Burse

- NYSE Euronext- Paris

- NYSE Euronext- Amsterdam

- NYSE Euronext- Lisbon

- Madrid Stock Exchange

- London Stock Exchange (LSE) and London Metal Exchange (LME)

– Swiss Exchange (SIX)

- Vienna Exchange

North America:

Toronto Stock Exchange

South America:



- Istanbul Stock Exchange

- Russian Burses Group, Micex

- Malaysia Burse, KLSE

- Hong Kong Burse, HKE

- Shanghai Burse, SSE

- Singapore Stock Exchange/ Singapore Mercantile Exchange

- Japan Burses, OSE, TGE, TOCOM, TSE

- South Korea Burses, KPX, KRX


Australia Stock Exchange (ASX)

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